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Young People's Meetings

The following is the most current list of young people's meetings in the Omaha-Metro, Council Bluffs, and Bellevue areas that we've been able to compile.  They are listed as YP meetings in the "Where & When".  If you are a member of a young people's meeting that would like to be listed, please let us know by submitting a request on the "Contact Us" page!




“Sunday Meeting” 10:30am - 5035 S.134th St


“We're Not Saints”- 10:30am - 3612 Cumming St.- Salvation Army (main entrance to fellowship hall)


“Sunday Evening Speakers”- 7:30pm - 6630 Dodge St.- First Christian Church




“Bellevue Workshop”-7:30pm at 1501 Franklin Street- St. James Methodist Church

“I Want to Work Steps”- 7:30pm- 2658 Ave. A, Council Bluffs, IA - Broadway Christian Church


“Mayflower Group”-7:30pm at 5151 N.W. Radial Highway- Bethany Lutheran Church




“Foxhall” -7:30pm -780 Pinnacle Drive, Papillion, NE - St Martha’s Episcopal Church

"Lincoln Wild Bunch" - 8:00pm  2325 S. 24th St. St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church,




“Wed. Night Wild Bunch” - 8:00 pm-851 N. 74th St., Underwood Hills Presbyterian Church




“Amigos”-7:30pm - 542 S. 31st. - First Lutheran Church


“Phoenix”-7:30pm - 4444 Francis St - Hanscom Park United Methodist


“The Giving Tree” - 7:30pm (Women’s Meeting) -1517 S. 144th St. - Presbyterian Church of the Cross




“Young Sober & Free” – 7:00pm - 3111 S. 119th St. - Prairie Lane Christian Church


“Old Fashioned Speakers Mtg.” – 7:30pm - 7306 Grant St.


“Wild Bunch Next Generation” - 7:30pm - 2658 Ave. A, Council Bluffs, IA - Broadway

Christian Church

"Lincoln Young Peoples" - 8:00pm 2400 S. 11th St.  Lincoln, NE

"Schuyler Wild Bunch" - 8:00pm Lower Level Schuyler Municipal Building - 1103 B Street

“Bellevue 12x12” - 8:00 pm - 1000 Galvin Road S., Bellevue, NE - Bellevue University




“Millard Young Peoples” - 5:30pm- 5035 S.134th St. - Millard Club


“Young People of A.A.” – 6:30pm - 219 N. 48th St.


“Saturday Night Speakers” – 7:30pm - 2409 Jackson  St. - Bellevue Christian Church


“New Life Group” – 8:00pm - 3900 Webster St - Saint Cecillia’s Church


“Dealing with Isms” - 10:10pm – 7633 Main St., Ralston, NE

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